Purpose and Role

The steering committee is established specifically to serve as a representative group of the citizens and businesses of Newtown to provide insight, active discussion, and consideration of important topics essential to the creation of the updated comprehensive plan.

General Responsibilities and Expectations

As a member of the steering committee you are agreeing to:

  • Attended the scheduled meetings.  (5-6 over the next 8 months)
  • Review provided documents and materials in advance of scheduled meetings where they will be discussed.
  • Come prepared with questions and comments to discuss with the committee and planning consultant.
  • Participate in civil and open dialogue about challenging topics for which there may be many or opposing perspectives.
  • Serve as a liaison to your neighbors and social networks to help spread awareness of opportunities for participation in the planning process.
  • Bring important topics and issues to the attention of the committee and consultants when you feel they have not been adequately discussed with the committee.
  • Direct any request from the media for comments to city officials.
  • Communicate to Village staff and consultants any concerns you may have which you feel cannot be discussed with the whole committee.

Meeting Facilitation and Decision Making

  • Meetings will be facilitated by planning consultants and will generally be 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Meetings will include presentation of relevant milestone deliverables and information as well as group exercises and discussion of topics by the committee members.
  • Voting and ranking exercises may be used as appropriate to generate general consensus on topics and plan direction.
  • Iterative drafts of critical plan documents will be provided to the committee for your review and comment, any issues which are not resolved among the steering committee members will be presented to planning commission as topics for their direction.
  • Some participation may occur via electronic distribution and responses.
  • All documents will be made available online at www.PlanNewtown.com, a site specifically dedicated to the plan. 


  • Adam Hater
  • Bob Wientzen
  • Curt Cosby
  • Doug Hall
  • Jeff Stawicki
  • Joe Motz
  • John Russell
  • Ken Burger
  • Leo Honebrink
  • Norb Mayrhofer
  • Ralph Ward
  • Sarah Kinney Donohue
  • Scot Rogers
  • Tony Carlfeldt